Why should I join?

The final decision of course is up to you. We think you should join because the courses are informative, practical and awesome. If Professional Development is important to you, if you want to grow your skills as a teacher, if you want new exercises to take into the classroom, the Drama Teacher Academy is going to deliver.

How long do I have to commit?

The Drama Teacher Academy is a monthly membership site. Your card is charged on the same day each month, just like a gym membership. You can cancel your membership whenever you like.

If you’re interested in billing through a school PO, click here.

How long does it take for my membership to become active?

As soon as your credit card goes through, and you receive your receipt.

How long is my membership fee good for?

The Drama Teacher Academy is a monthly membership site so your fee is good for one month. We will charge your card on the same day each month and you’ll receive a receipt.

What will I receive each month?

You will receive access to the Drama Teacher Academy website with courses designed just for drama teachers, a library of lesson plans, and free resources to print off, watch or download. Each month we add a new course and new lesson plans. You'll also receive a monthly newsletter so that you know exactly what we have planned and what we have upcoming. Our plan is to make this site beyond valuable. Our plan is to grow with you.

Do I have to be a teacher to sign up?

Not at all! Maybe you’re a freelance teaching artist or substitute, or you’re studying to become a teacher. Just know that the focus of the site is the drama educator and always will be.

Can I share my membership with a friend?

DTA memberships are for individuals. The more members we have in DTA, the more we’re going to be able to do for you, the more interesting teachers we’re going to be able to bring in, and the more resources we’ll be able to provide. So it’s in your best interest to encourage your friends to sign up for themselves!

Do you have a student discount?

Not at this time.

Why does it cost so much?

It all depends on how you look at it. If you look at the big number $37 x 12=$444 that might seem like an overwhelming number. If you have to go to a weekend conference you’re going to pay at least that, perhaps more because of hotel, flight, and incidentals. How many workshops can you take in over a weekend? What about reviewing the material afterward? Will you have access to exactly what the instructor said?

Now think about the small number. $37 a month. That’s barely more than a dollar a day for a wonderful indepth course designed just for the drama teacher. It’s a gym membership. It’s a cup of coffee. It’s one night out to the movies or to dinner.

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