If you've chosen a Theatrefolk play to perform in competition, and wish to adjust the timing by cutting scenes to meet competition requirements, you need to get approval from the playwright via Theatrefolk.

Email info@theatrefolk.com with the following details:

  1. Name of play

  2. Date of competition/performance

  3. Specific details of scenes you wish to cut (i.e. list and name the scenes being cut)

  4. Specific detail of time restriction (i.e. 45 minutes) for performance

  5. Any other details that will help us review the request

Please understand that we have to contact the playwright in all circumstances, and that while we will do our best to meet your needs, we can not guarantee approval. We will do our best to come up with a solution that the playwright feels keeps the integrity of the play while meeting time requirements. 

Please also allow as much time as possible for these requests as each playwright must be contacted by Theatrefolk in order to get approval. 

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