Are you teaching remotely and having trouble distributing materials to your students in PDF format? Do you need to upload files into your Learning Management System and PDF does not work?

Here's a way to easily convert the PDFs to make the files a bit more flexible.

Workaround for Google Doc

If you want to make the PDFs into a google-friendly format/sharable, there is a workaround that will take a bit of time, but does the trick.


  1. Download all of the fillable PDFs that you want to use with your students, and save them to a folder.

  2. Use an online free tool (such as convert those PDFs to Word documents.

  3. Upload those Word documents into Google - they can convert to Google docs and they look pretty good. There will be blank lines instead of a fillable box, but the idea is basically the same.

  4. You can then share these docs with your students

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