We have a NEW way for your students to easily access the videos and student materials, that eliminates the need for separate student accounts and simplifies the process for you.

Obtaining Student Codes

We’ve created a student portal with unique codes for your PTT programs. Here’s how to find them.

Go to this page: https://www.theatrefolk.com/ptt_programs

And you will see these instructions:

Each program you have access provides a link and a code. This code is unique to you. Please do not share it with anyone but your students.

How do Students Access the Videos?

All your students will need to do is visit theatrefolk.com/student and enter the code you provide and and they will have immediate access. No signing in or setting up of accounts required.

Test it Out Before Sending the Codes to your Students

We suggest that teachers practice this new process themselves (you can use the student portal too) so you can help your students troubleshoot if they have questions.

What About Accounts My Students Have Already Created?

The current student account system will continue to work until December 31, 2020. After that date, student access will only be provided via the new Student Code system.

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