If you have completed courses and/or downloaded curriculum and resources, you can create a professional activities report at any time from within your account in the DTA.

  1. Go to your Account page (https://www.theatrefolk.com/dta_membership)

2. Click 'My Certificates' tab, then 'Professional Activities Reports' (green button)

3. Click 'Create New Report'

4. You'll be brought to a form that is customizable by you. You select the start and end dates (i.e. full year, school year, partial year) and enter your title, school name, administrator's name.

Answer the questions about your professional goals, accomplishments, and areas of improvement.

Click 'Create my report'. 

You will now see your new report in your Professional Activities Reports tab. 

They are listed by Administrator and Date Range so if you have multiple reports, they are easily found. 

You can also edit a report at any time.

Click download to view your full report in PDF format. It will include not only the information you entered, but ALL details regarding courses completed, curriculum and resources downloaded, and any course and PLC completion certificates you have earned.

You can save this to your computer and share it with your administration or print it out if required.

If you have questions about your report or need help downloading, email help@dramateacheracademy.com. 

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